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michael's homepage

i make stuff happen. usually badly.

table of contents:
midis games pictures runescape wares

welcome to my homepage. these are some of the things i've made and done.

i'll probably forget about them all in a few years' time.

this site is (usually) under construction. If you see the 404 page, you can assume I'm editing.
hey, my name is michael, and i'm into obscure nostalgic things, like geocities

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if you already downloaded cameronsworld.mp3, you can just play that in your desired mp3 player

this is supposed to be a fireplace

i have a b3ta account, i sometimes post stuff there, click the button to check it out


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e-mail me and i'll be more than happy to respond! all 88x31 buttons taken from retrosite.ga and a.n lucas' web lounge. this website is part of retrosite.ga, a webring with 8 websites.