Chrome is EVIL!

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You remember the controversy with Internet Explorer, right? There's even an entire website dedicated to hating IE!

About every 3 decades, a new browser becomes vilified by computer users. In the 90s, 00s and 10s, it was IE. It's time we pass the torch to Chrome.

1: Performance.

You've seen the memes. You know how much Chrome eats RAM. You can't have people with low-end PCs crashing because they opened 2 YouTube tabs.
To be fair, Google has been working to improve Chrome's performance, primarily by restricting how much Javascript works behind the background.
At the same time, this may sometimes lead to bad UX (user experience), which Google is also trying to avoid.

2: Extension security.

The extension system allowed the browser to remain slim, while leaving the door open to functionality that the browser developers didn't think of.
That, of course, required that they had hooks that extensions could connect with to implement those features, which sometimes include being able to modify what users see or even touch your files.
Complicating matters is how Google ran its Chrome Web Store, which was even more open than its Google Play Store for Android.
In exchange for a more open ecosystem, there was barely any quality control, and a lot of malware were able to slip through the cracks, often extensions coming from reputable developers.

3: Slow updates.

Despite being considered to be "heavy", Chrome is ironically slow to actually add new features.
Yes, is a new Chrome release almost every month (though Google is now adjusting that), but that rate only means that most of the changes are bite-sized rather than focusing on big new features.

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