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midis games pictures runescape wares

welcome to the covid2009/pyrogaming variety website!

have a seat and enjoy everything!


pyro gaming is feeling The current mood of pyro_gaming at www.imood.com


i love all of my 10 followers!

hey, my name is michael/covid2009/pyro, and i'm into (not very) obscure nostalgic things, like geocities
i (the creator) will now speak in this type of text from now on

this is supposed to be a fireplace
add me on myspace hosted by neocities please sign my guestbook this website has a creative commons by-nc-sa license
built listening to winamp b3ta

and i'll be more than happy to respond!
this website was part of retrosite.ga, a webring with 8 websites (at the time of closing).
the boys are back in town!

<<<hotline webring>>>

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