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Slow Scan Television or SSTV is a picture transmission method used by amateur radio operators.
A lesser used application for SSTV is the ability to encode images into audio which can be stored on audio-only formats such as vinyl and nuggety MP3 players.

In my case, I have very recently done some experimenting with taking photos, encoding them into SSTV signals using free software,
playing them back back through the computer's speakers and picking them up via
the microphone on my smartphone where an app simply decodes the original image.

Here's how it's done.

The resulting images are all in 320x240 and have a oddly fuzzy, ghostly and lo-fi quality. They look like satellite TV signals from the late 1980s.
This makes storing and sharing color photos in audio possible!.

most of this text was taken from the hotline cafe. go check them out!

Images transmitted in mode Robot 36

My first attempt at SSTV from within the privacy of my own home.
I held the mic in my hand, so the shakiness contributed to the low quality.

Images transmitted in mode Martin 1

This is the first image I recorded in TX mode Martin 1. It takes much more time but is now in 320x256 resolution and is of much higher quality.

The image on the left, encoded in Martin 1, took 115 seconds to encode, whereas the image on the right, encoded in Robot 36, took only 37 seconds.

Special transmit modes

This was encoded in SC2 180 mode. It's really fucking slow, but there are practically no artifacts.